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Claim Review & Loss Consulting

Insurance company stressing you out?
You need a Public Adjuster!

Are you currently searching for “public adjusters near me?” look no further, SCS has licensed and local public adjusters available to answer your insurance claim questions. Dealing with an insurance claim on your own can be time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, a policyholder can hire a public adjuster on their behalf. After suffering a significant loss, many people characterize filing a claim as a full-time job. Paperwork, deadlines, insurance regulations, policy language, documenting the loss, and negotiation are all part of the claim process. It takes a lot of time and labor to put together estimates and reports, meet with inspectors, adjusters, and contractors, and list, describe, and value everything that was damaged or destroyed.

Additionally, negotiating a fair claim settlement can be quite difficult, particularly in the wake of an emotionally painful disaster. To assist you in handling your home insurance claim, SCS provides advice and resources. After all, the insurance coverage you purchased should include quality claim handling and a good faith treatment by your insurance company. If you want to receive a fair settlement you need a public adjuster from the very beginning of the process. Why? These professionals can help you file the claim properly, understand the policy terms, conditions, deadlines, and date of loss, as well as prevent the spoilage of any potential evidence. Furthermore, public adjusters have tools, such as moisture meters and thermal cameras, to help them document this crucial information. If you want a strong claim presentation, the extent of damages needs to be documented from the very beginning, which is exactly what SCS can do for you.

An initial adjuster will meet with you at the property to evaluate the extent of damages and discuss what repairs need to be done. Your insurance company will question you about these details; therefore, you need a public adjuster to help consult and guide you through that complex process. Understanding how to deal with insurance company representatives can be the difference between a payout or a possible denial. We understand how stressful and overwhelming this is, which is why we represent you during this complicated process and consult with you on all facts of the claim – think of us as your personal guide! Unlike insurance adjusters, who are strictly there to represent insurance companies, our professionals focus on guiding you throughout the entire claims process, because public adjusters only work for you, the policyholder. We take the time to understand your specific needs so that we can develop a tailored strategy for you from start to finish. Whether you’re dealing with a commercial or residential claim, our professionals know exactly what to look for to minimize your losses and alleviate your stress. From evaluating your insurance policy to determining the applicable coverage to preparing and documenting the claim, we’re here to support you through it all.

We fight for a fair claim settlement for your home and family.

We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

Together with our aggressive claim strategy and a detailed claim package, our skilled negotiators ensure that all your rights under the policy are met with the best possible outcome on your claim. Equitable claim payments that address the maximum benefit to your loss are what our firm takes pride in every day. Best of all, we do not get paid until you get paid!


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