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Our Process

  1.  Disaster response & damage assessment.

    • Inspection and investigation of damages.​

    • Determine cause and origin.

    • Understand the complexity of the loss.

  2. Detailed Policy Review

    • Coverage limitations & endorsements.​

    • Deductibles & Co-insurance calculations.

    • Policyholder's rights and responsibilities after a loss.

  3. Design a tailored Claim handling strategy

    • Design a timeline.​

    • Understand and meet your personal and/or business needs.

    • Discuss a personal plan for success.

  4. Document & evaluate the damages

    • Detailed documentation of damages.​

    • detailed itemized valuation of the loss.

    • Business interruption analysis (commercial loss)

  5. Present your claim to the Insurance carrier

    • Work directly with your insurance adjuster.​

    • collaborate with experts such as engineers.

    • presenting the best case on your behalf

  6. Negotiate & Settlement

    • Exercise all options to maximize your claim.​

    • Alternative dispute resolution

    • Appraisal, Mediation, Litigation

  7. Restore & Rebuild

    • Contactor recommendations.​

    • Getting you back to pre-loss condition

    • Getting you back in business.


Our Tools & Technology

We utilize industry leading technology to investigate, evaluate, and appraise your loss.

scs therm'.jpg

Thermal Imaging

Supporting your claim demand with evidence of damage unseen to the naked eye


Matterport 3D Imagery

A visual representation of your loss that preserves your evidence virtually for the duration of your claim.

xact scs.png

Xactimate Estimating

Detailed and line itemized estimate report prepared using industry-standard software.

scs weth.jpg

Weather Data Tracking

Understanding how and where storms move is key to pinpointing your date of loss and having the evidence to back it up.

scs drone.jpg

Drone Inspections

Photographic and video documentation to support evidence of damage in areas difficult to access.

scs poist.jpg

Moisture Detection

Identify hidden moisture in building materials to ensure unseen damage is addressed

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